Aabsolute Analysis Ltd
Structural Engineering Analysis

Aabsolute Analysis Ltd is a small, structural engineering analysis consultancy based in the South of Scotland near to the market town of Langholm. The Company was established in 2009, and is run by John and Tara Lilly.

John and Tara have each gained over 20 years of expertise in the Engineering industry, having worked for global companies worldwide, as well as small, family firms. Our experiences within the Engineering industries have given us exposure to projects from inception, to qualification, and onwards through the product lifecycle, encompassing in-service support, concession, repair and modification work, life extension and decommissioning at product retirement.

‘Our experience is predominantly with aerospace structural analysis, but also from manufacturing and a broad spectrum of engineering environments. Aabsolute Analysis Ltd’s aim is to offer a more flexible service, with the emphasis on high quality work. We can support our clients by working as part of a larger team, or as sole support on smaller, or niche tasks that a larger firm could be unable or less willing to support. Aabsolute Analysis Limited’s size and minimum overhead cost allows us to offer a competitive, high quality package to our clients. Whilst our preference is to work on packages remote from the customer, at our own office, we understand the need for close cooperation and therefore are happy to provide on-site support wherever practical.’

Typically Aabsolute Analysis Ltd supports its major clients via secure VPN type connections to ensure appropriate analysis software is available, this is often ‘in-house’ software or bespoke to our clients. By using a secure link the analysis we conduct on behalf of our clients remains within our client's IT network. Smaller projects can be managed via file transfer, or other means to suit our individual client’s needs. We’re happy to consider any size of task and in any Engineering field, as we know many of our skill sets are directly transferrable.

 Our skills set include;

·         Analysis from first principles

·         Static analysis

·         Fatigue analysis

·         Damage tolerance analysis

·         Finite element analysis - particularly model verification and validation, result post processing

·         Certification support analysis

·         Test support analysis

·         Signatory level checking and sign-off

·         Project management

·         Generation of high quality documentation in support of all of the above


 ‘Our expertise is chiefly based on classical static, damage tolerance and fatigue analysis of metallic aero-mechanical structures. We also have experience of other areas of analysis such as composite structure, finite element, and structural performance and response, as well as non-analysis skills such as project management.’

At Aabsolute Analysis Ltd we understand the benefit of good communication skills between all personnel levels within a company, and externally in order to achieve excellence.

 ‘We fully appreciate the necessity of excellent communications with our customers, at all levels within their business, together with the need to provide a high quality service tailored to their individual requirements. Good communication skills of all types are essential to a smooth running project, and providing the final deliverable that the client wants.’

If you would like any further information about Aabsolute Analysis Limited, the services we can offer, or to discuss a task please do not hesitate to contact us,
we look forward to hearing from you.

01378 372788